A collaborative creative agency that loves taking tough jobs.

Its hard to define us. We are a design studio, an advertising agency, a content syndicate, an audio/video lab, a strategic social media collective, a web development company. We are all of this and much more - defined by the job in hand! We are at our best when we take on all aspects of your Marketing, Design, Communications & Social Media and everything in between. That means taking on the deep, difficult jobs other agencies won't touch. Didn't we say, we love challenges.

  • "We love films, music and travel. And it shows in our work. Movie & Music Marketing, Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Marketing, Retail, FMCG, Publishing & the Entertainment Industry"
    Our Focus
  • "We are expert marketers, designers and story tellers. We have over 15 years experience working across almost all major industries and verticals across several geographies. Scout's honor!"
    Our Expertise

We blend traditional, digital and social media marketing.

We think of successful marketing as a smooth-running, well-oiled machine, with all its components working together in harmony to maximize results and return on investment. With the nonstop growth of new communication channels, social media and consumer touch points, successful brands must break through the noise to stand out, adapt across every media and get noticed. If this is all confusing, get in touch and leave the rocket science to us!

Brilliant Ideas, No hogwash.

Films, Bands & Artists we have worked with

we walk the talk and we deliver, on time, on budget.

Cultivating a brand is a combination of science and art. With over 10 years of experience and hundreds of successful initiatives, we can help your brand (whether it's your band or your movie, your product or your service) flourish through expert branding, marketing and social media programs. From seed to harvest, our proven methodologies consistently yield success. Give us a call and let's discuss how we can help you grow.

Sharpest knives in our drawer.

Building a new bloggers network

We told you we love Music and Movies. And what better way to show it than building an awesome collaborative network of movie bloggers and music bloggers, actors, film makers, musicians, artists, bands and not to forget movie and music studios and all the other good folks in this industry who make it happen - under one awesome integrated platform. Its our little secret experiment actually and its already up in beta now. So checkout the beta site of Music Bloggers Network. Also remember to join our Facebook groups - The Movie Bloggers Network and the Music Bloggers Network. It's an effort you wont regret!

  • "We are open and honest. You'll never find us recommending a solution we dont 100% believe in."
    Our Promise
  • "The work that we create for our clients should actually work for our clients, not just look pretty or cool or clever."
    Our Guarantee

We are a team of happy shiny people. and very friendly too!

We work with all our clients as their partners, friends and problem solvers – helping them, guiding them - with a guarantee that deadlines will be met and budgets will be handled with economy and integrity. So, if you want your brand to succeed and want to work with a nimble friendly team who feel the same way, then let’s talk!

Not just music and cinema, we've also worked with